The process



First, you shoot me a message. We start with your idea; what is it you want to make? I'll ask you for more details as necessary. We'll discuss your imagined size for the model(s), level of detail, etc., until I feel confident that I know what you want and how you want it.



I'll compile a budget estimate for the project. My estimate will factor in:

  • My estimate for the cost of my labor hours

  • My estimate for the cost of parts, if applicable

  • My estimate for the cost of shipping, if applicable

  • A 10% total contingency



After I give you my estimate, we can discuss how it aligns—or fails to align—with your desired budget for the project. We may consider adjusting the size or complexity of the model to closer fit your spending goals. We will settle on a final budget for the project. Unless something goes completely haywire, or the model goes through extensive revisions, you will not pay more than this budget.



I require a minimum of six (6) hours' pay and half (1/2) of estimated parts costs in the form of an advance for every commission I take. If the estimate for the project exceeds fifteen (15) hours' labor, I will request a larger percentage of my labor hours as an advance. Once you have paid my advance, I will begin building!


5) initial submission

I design your model, keeping track of my hours of work. I submit my first shot at the design to you. You give me feedback on the design.


6) Revised submission(s)

I revise the design, keeping track of my hours of work. I resubmit the build to you with revisions. If necessary, we go through several rounds of revision until the build is perfect.



You pay me the remainder of the budget not already covered by my advance. Once I have received final payment, I will send you any/all deliverables of the commission!