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317 Pieces

Survive a devious betrayal at the Ole Factory! Mucus Millionaire, boss of the Ole Factory smell processing plant, believes mucus profits will increase in a germ takeover… so he’s concocted a plan to betray the rest of the body! But Roy—muckraking in the truest sense—overhears the slimy plot and copies it down on his trusty typewriter. Will Roy escape to warn the others, or will Mucus Millionaire and his Minion send him to a smelly end? Includes 3 minifigures.

  • Includes 3 minifigures: Roy, Mucus Millionaire, and Mucus Minion.

  • Features a functional assembly line featuring industrial greebling, cilia on the ground, and a fully positional robot arm.

  • Also includes a catapult disguised as a stack of discarded boxes.

  • Turn the wheel to make the conveyor belts move and the blades spin.

  • Scan the smells with a laser powered by a light brick.

  • Move boxes along the track to receive newly processed smells.

  • Launch smells, the typewriter, or even Roy from the box catapult.

  • Fire sticky vials from Mucus Millionaire’s snot-thrower.

  • Weapons and accessories include a ray-gun, a typewriter, a wrench, a hammer, a snot-thrower with extra vial, and four captured smells.

  • Ole Factory measures more than 11” (27cm) long, 6” (14cm) wide and 4” (11cm) tall.