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Aaron Newman


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I design custom-built LEGO® models, sculptures, and kits.

I take immense pride in my craft, holding myself to the highest standards of quality, ingenuity, and play-ability across all aspects of what I do.

I’ve been a fan of LEGO for as long as I can remember— really, I’ve been building since I’ve had fine motor skills! Over the years, the way I interface with LEGO has evolved: I've grown from a general brand enthusiast into a dedicated brick artist.

My work has spanned myriad genres, from brick-ifying icons to capturing life, from exploring fantasy to product design. I'm a highly versatile artist, sometimes even bending my playful plastic pieces towards contemporary social commentary. I think of LEGO as a flexible medium with infinite possibilities. I love trying new subjects and scales as an artist, and even after countless hours creating, the bricks haven't stopped inspiring me toward new challenges.

My builds have been featured all over the web, from The Brothers Brick to IGN, building me a dedicated fan-base across several social media. I've engaged in commission build work since 2016, leaving a series of satisfied clients in my wake. I truly believe that I bring unique skill, attention to detail, and dedication to every project set before me.

I majored in Theater for my undergrad at UCLA; this may seem unrelated to the world of brick art, but I consider my expertise in that field a great asset to what I do. More than anything else, my theater training impressed on me the value of stories in art. I pride myself on weaving storytelling and character into my creations; even the smallest builds have something to say for themselves.

As a photographer, I'm entirely self-taught; wanting to properly present my art to the world was a strong motivator to hone my abilities with a camera! I design from a home studio, surrounded by my carefully sorted bins of parts. I love listening to music or audio books while I work, and can lose myself in building for hours at a time.

Building with LEGO is my foremost artistic passion. I feel utterly grateful and humbled to pursue something I enjoy this much every day!