As far as popular creations go, few climb to the “top of the Internet” faster than works based on existent intellectual properties. Small wonder why; it’s tremendously exciting to see a favorite character, location, or vehicle from a piece of media you’ve enjoyed captured in bricks!

I personally learned about the viral potency of I.P. builds when my Minas Tirith project reached 10K votes on LEGO® Ideas. Since then, my creations of other famous icons have been some of my most viewed, most shared work. But there’s more appeal, for me, to building within an I.P. than just the expected “success” of the creation.

Capturing a famous person, place, or thing in bricks usually poses an enjoyable challenge. To produce a recognizable version of something, to capture its essence and detail, takes a different skill set than producing “sets” like the ones seen here. I use reference images, research, and specific choices around color, shape, and texture to best portray content from I.P.s. 

It’s just fun for me to create “brick-ified” versions of my favorite icons. Check out a few of these creations by following the images.