I love the practice of designing a real-life object in LEGO®. Capturing the essence of something real, trying to nail its specific details using a limited palate of bricks, can be a challenge; but if done right, I also find it can be quite rewarding.

Just as with recreating subjects from extant intellectual properties, I believe that attention to detail carries off this genre of build, especially for an audience uninitiated in “the brick arts.” Upon discovering a “perfect detail” which echoes life, people experience a distinct moment of recognition—a way into the build—that brings them tremendous joy.

To me, one of the chief virtues of brick art as a medium is its inherent playfulness. To manifest a real-life object or scene in brick form is to show it with a child’s fresh eyes, and to consequently remind the viewer that their world can be full of wonder. Follow the images to get some of that wonder for yourself.