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Medieval City

This fortified city represents the epitome of life in medieval Europe. Everything this town’s lord, peasants, and clergy could need is nestled inside a formidable ring of defensive walls, keeping them safe from invaders and other threats.

  • City contains a sturdy keep, grand cathedral, bustling market street and open-air plaza within its walls— and tilled farms, shrubbery, and rocky areas without

  • Details include flying buttresses on the cathedral, a well in the plaza, portcullises on the gates, and even a secret cave under the keep

  • Built in monochrome, this one-of-a-kind art piece was designed as a prize for a contest

  • Asymmetrical, multi-angled base of model measures more than 11” long (28cm) and 9” (23cm) wide

This creation was featured on The Brothers Brick.