dragon lands


If I had to choose one thing that differentiates me most from other brick artists, it would be my proclivity to assemble series’ of creations in set style. When I say ”set style,” I mean builds designed to mimic the composition, functionality, and restrictions inherent to LEGO® playsets.

I’m attracted to creating in this style for three main reasons: first, builds of this type present specific and enthralling challenges (designing within scarcity, balancing aesthetic and functional concerns, and making “sets” complement each other, to name some); second, I’m building from the heart, constructing the playable toys of my childhood dreams; and third, it’s been a lifelong ambition of mine to design sets for LEGO, so I like getting practice in advance!

I’m extremely detail-oriented and thorough in my emulation of LEGO sets. Every build undergoes continuous revision until I’m totally satisfied that it accomplishes the criteria of set style and meets the demands of its larger ”theme.” I’ve come to be so successful at producing set-like builds that Internet users have frequently mistaken my work for leaked images of unreleased LEGO sets.