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Focal Trio11 & Zaor Isostand MkII

I designed these 1:1 models of a Focal Trio11 BE speaker and a Zaor Isostand MkII under the umbrella of Cornerstone Brick Designs. We created this showpiece model for display at the The NAMM Show 2019 in Anaheim, CA, where it attracted great acclaim and attention.

The images you see here are renders exported from Bricklink’s Stud.io software; I had to design these models remotely, and leaned heavily on the digital platform to build them.

  • These huge models are the biggest I’ve yet designed— their combined parts count is 17,305 bricks

  • Speaker measures more than 25” (64cm) tall, 18” (46cm) deep, and 12” (32cm) wide, and weighs a staggering 43.3 lbs (19.67 kg)

  • Stand measures more than 33” (84cm) tall, 16” (40cm) wide, and 14” (35cm) deep, and weighs nearly 20 lbs (9kg) without its internal metal supports

  • At client request, I also designed a 61-piece micro model of the Focal speaker as a giveaway for their customers and employees.