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Sarthorael, Lord of Change

I built this Lord of Change from Warhammer on a commission; and for someone who had no exposure to Warhammer beforehand, I think I did alright with it! Sarthorael the Ever-Watcher is one of the devious lieutenants of the Chaos God Tzeentch, and a real force to be reckoned with.

I faced several design challenges at the scale my client requested; and they were tremendously fun to overcome. Sarthorael packs tons of detail, from gold armor and jewelry to a flowing robe and huge, silvery wings.

The head design alone took me about an hour and a half of fiddling around. It's the only part of the build which uses "illegal" connection points. My inclusion of traditional Warhammer miniature bases came about out of necessity, since with this particular foot design, Sarthorael would certainly not have balanced alone!

This model was featured on The Brothers Brick.

  • The model features a whopping 51 points of articulation, including poseable wings and fingers

  • Standing at about 12" (32cm) tall with wings extended

  • Features a wingspan of 15" (39cm).