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52016 Gastro's diner

712 Pieces

Resist the evil Infekto at Gastro’s Diner! In his wicked quest to sicken everything, Infekto has decided to corrupt the stomach, so he and Symnella have attacked Gastro’s diner, where honest cells go to get their glucose. They’ve taken the joint hostage, and have even coerced Tara into waitressing… But Tara has learned some of the old diner’s secrets! Can she and the Antibody Officer save Gastro’s and free the stomach? Includes 5 minifigures.

  • Includes 5 minifigures: Tara, Gastro, an Antibody Officer, Infekto, and Symnella.

  • Features a 1950s-style diner complete with tiled floors, padded vinyl seating, a jukebox, a sleek counter, and a fully stocked kitchen.

  • Also includes a viral spore cannon and a stylized roadside sign.

  • Change the marquis on top of the diner from neon print to a working six-shot defense cannon.

  • Hide weapons inside the jukebox and the fuse box.

  • Send the booth and table tumbling by pressing the lever.

  • Shoot the viral spore cannon at the diner.

  • Cover the diner in infection, or remove the infection bits.

  • Open up the diner to change from rectangular to linear orientation.

  • Weapons and accessories include two double-barrel pulse pistols, a Sanitize Launcher, a viral spore launcher, an electric drill, a nausea zapper, a sniper laser, a serving tray, two milkshakes, and two plates of glucose.

  • Diner measures more than 14” (36cm) wide, 5” (14cm) deep, and 6” (15cm) tall.