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This warship was my holiday project... since I was separated from my normal assortment of fantasy parts, I opted to build something that I don't normally build: a spaceship.

I had tremendous fun overcoming certain challenges while building this huge thing. I worked, by necessity, almost entirely with pre-2014 bricks. Building in a color scheme of scarce colors forced me to get more creative on many instances. I'm pretty satisfied with the end result, here, considering my limitations.

Here are some things you probably can't tell from these pictures alone:

  • The cargo bay doors slide simultaneously open on both sides when you turn the click-jointed axle stopper above them.
  • A panel attached to the observation dome can be removed to showcase the command deck inside.
  • The hangar bay doors open on both sides, and the "Orestes" small fighters can be stashed in there.
  • The plasma turrets rotate.