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This is my "vegetarian" take on the mythical Manticore from Greek mythology, a creature that was part man, part lion, and part scorpion. The Planticore, meanwhile, is part flower, part root, and part weed. Its feet are powerful roots, its hide layered leaves, and its tail a bouquet of fresh flowers... unsurprisingly, the Planticore is often trailed by honeybees!

Although the Planticore photosynthesizes for its energy, it is far from docile; ferociously territorial, it is hard to tame and befriend. After many seasons of careful training, though, this troupe of lucky Garden Faeries has domesticated the Planticore as their steed and defender.

Yes, that's a croquet ball and wicket for scale.

  • Scene features four Garden Faerie minifigs

  • Planticore features 31 points of articulation including flexible rootlike fingers and a bending back

  • Planticore measures more than 16” (40cm) long

  • Flowers in the tail include a calla lily, a lavender blossom, a rose, and a tulip

This build was exhibited at The LEGO House, and featured on The Brothers Brick.