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64040 zaechyr shade dragon

259 pieces

Explore the night with the shade dragon Zaechyr! Nynia, the Faerie wizard’s apprentice, has always had a taste for adventure… So when the time came to choose her dragon companion, she sought out the unruly shade dragon Zaechyr! Stealthy and mysterious, Zaechyr possesses the ability to become invisible against the night sky. This is why Rothut, the Ustokal Elder Wizard, seeks Zaechyr’s scales for his nefarious potions! Can Nynia and Zaechyr escape unscathed? Includes Nynia, Rothut, and Zaechyr.

  • Includes 2 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Nynia and Rothut
  • Zaechyr is fully poseable, with 32 points of articulation including folding wings and moving toes
  • Zaechyr features flexible cloth membranes on his wings, spiny purple scales, and a travel saddle
  • Launch Nynia’s magic bolts with the spring-loaded Spell Launcher on Zaechyr’s side, and store the magic bolts under his wings
  • Sheath Nynia’s sword in the saddle, and stow her staff on Zaechyr’s leg
  • Also includes a spring-loaded Spell Launcher disguised as a small tree
  • Weapons and accessories include Nynia’s staff, a Faerie sword, Rothut’s staff, and an astrolabe
  • Zaechyr measures more than 13” (33cm) long, with a wingspan of over 17” (44cm)