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64041 gutspark machine dragon

418 pieces

Build Gutspark, the mythic machine dragon! The Dwarfish Mountains are under attack by the Ustokal army! With his ballista artillery, one Ustokal warrior holds hostage a Dwarf vault, in which is stored a critical Protection Vial. But Madeg the Magician and Fifrir the clockwork engineer have assembled a powerful engine to guard their people: Gutspark, the machine dragon! Endowed with the fiery spark of life by Madeg’s spells, Fifrir’s powerful mechanical wonder can take on almost anything! Will Gutspark be enough to defend the Dwarves from the Ustokal threat? Includes Madeg, Fifrir, an Ustokal warrior, and Gutspark.

  • Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Fifrir, Madeg, and an Ustokal warrior
  • Gutspark is fully poseable, with 34 points of articulation including folding wings and a flexible tail
  • Gutspark features brilliant brassy armor, metallic spines, patchwork wing membranes, and powerful mechanical limbs
  • Seat both Madeg and Fifrir on Gutspark, and store extra tools on the rear saddle
  • Launch Madeg’s fire magic with the spring-loaded Spell Launcher on Gutspark’s side, and store the magic bolts under the dragon’s wings
  • Push the lever between Gutspark’s wings to make its head strike downward
  • Also includes a spring-loaded Ustokal ballista
  • Stash the Protection Vial in the opening underground safe
  • Weapons and accessories include Madeg’s staff, a drill, a pair of scissors, a hammer, a wrench, a pike, and a Protection Vial
  • Gutspark measures more than 13” (34cm) long, with a wingspan of over 20” (50cm)