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64042 ustokal war wagon

757 pieces

Roll into battle with the gigantic Ustokal War Wagon! At last, Untlaz has finished his most powerful battle machine yet: the Ustokal War Wagon! With its strong hull, sharp spikes, spinning axes, and fire cannon, the War Wagon seems like an unstoppable force… and Althior and Brigid are one of the last lines of defense against it! In desperation, Althior turns to an old enemy’s talisman: a Golem control statue! With his incantation, rock and moss around Althior take on a new form and, bound together by swirling magic, stand to face the oncoming War Wagon! Includes Althior, Brigid, Untlaz, two Ustokal warriors, a Golem, and a wolf.

  • Includes 5 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Althior, Brigid, Untlaz, and 2 Ustokal warriors
  • Ustokal War Wagon features infantry-deterring spikes, a strong wooden frame, a victory banner, and iron grate windows
  • Launch the three-shot, repositionable fire cannon on top of the wagon, and seat a gunner in the box
  • Roll the War Wagon along the ground to make the axes in front spin
  • Open the wagon’s hull to see pilot seat, a furnace engine, weapon racks, and the small catapult inside
  • Pull back on the catapult’s bucket and release to launch small stones
  • Fully poseable Golem has 16 points of articulation
  • Fire Althior’s magic with the spring-loaded Spell Launcher in the Golem’s arm
  • Set also includes a wolf and a Dwarf artillery crossbow
  • Weapons and accessories include Althior’s staff, the Golem control statue, 4 crossbow bolts, a pike, a hammer, a wrench, a short sword, and 2 axes
  • Golem measures over 5” (13cm) tall
  • War Wagon measures more than 10” (27cm) long, 6” (17cm) wide, and 5” (14cm) tall