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64043 Dwarf workshop

991 pieces

Build mythic machines in the Dwarf Workshop! The underground Dwarf Workshop has engineered fantastic new machines and forged Legendary Weapons for years… but now, its fate lies in the balance! The Ustokal wizard twins, Mogrot and Moscha, as well as their witch dragon Echegob, have discovered the location of the workshop and have come to steal its secrets. Can the Dwarves and Kalfer use the mythic machines around the workshop to stave off the threat? Includes Fifrir, Gadril, Hvod, Kalfer, Mogrot, Moscha, and Echegob.

  • Includes 6 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Fifrir, Gadril, Hvod, Kalfer, Mogrot and Moscha
  • Echegob is fully poseable, with 34 points of articulation including folding wings, movable fingers, and opening jaws
  • Echegob features flexible cloth membranes on her wings, long clawed talons, toxic green spines, and a sinister wooden talisman on her back
  • Shoot Echegob’s poison breath by pressing the lever on her back, and store the poison bolts under her wings
  • Dwarf workshop features rocky walls, wooden stairs and struts, amber lanterns, and other cool machinery
  • Open the vault door at surface level to enter the underground workshop
  • Use the working elevator to move between levels, and transport machines and crystals back to the world above
  • Let foes tumble into the bone-filled dungeon by releasing a trap door
  • Roll the Mining Machine along the ground to make its drill spin, and punch a hole through the cavern wall to find golden gems
  • Send Legendary Crystals down the chute into the Workshop by opening the secret hole in the ground
  • Set includes a spring-loaded Spell Launcher disguised as part of a tool bench
  • Also includes a Dwarf artillery crossbow and Fifrir’s wings
  • Weapons and accessories include 3 Legendary weapons, Kalfer’s sword and axe hands, a magic shield, a battle hammer, Moscha’s potions, Mogrot’s staff, Gold and mystic crystals, and a large assortment of tools
  • Echegob measures more than 9” (25cm) long, with a wingspan of over 16” (41cm)
  • Together, workshop structures measure more than 15” (40cm) long, 6” (15cm) deep, and 10” (27cm) tall