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64044 Ardun Observatory

1796 pieces

Defend the Ardun Observatory from Ustokal attackers! Potent wizards and warriors from across the land have gathered at the Ardun Observatory. Behind the sturdy walls of this ancient bastion, they read their fortunes in the stars and seek refuge from the invading Ustokal horde. But now, the strongest fortress of the Kingdom is under concerted assault by Vorash and his army! In what promises to be a battle for the ages, Orion, Finael, and Nynia fight to protect the castle and its secrets. Destiny is the most mythic machine of all! Includes Orion, Finael, Nynia, Vorash, Rothut, two Ardun soldiers, three Ustokal warriors, and a Flame Drake.

  • Includes 10 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Orion, Finael, Nynia, Vorash, Rothut, 2 Ardun soldiers, and 3 Ustokal warriors
  • Three-layered Observatory features detailed sandstone walls, wooden shields, defensive crossbows, and proud banners
  • Raise and lower the drawbridge with a working winch
  • Close and open the portcullis on the inner curtain
  • Shoot Nynia’s magic with the spring-loaded Spell Launcher on the outer curtain
  • Penetrate the Observatory walls through secret passages
  • Features an exploding wall section in the inner curtain
  • Pull a switch to release the Legendary Staff from its crystal prison
  • Unload and use the telescope under the dome
  • Drop rocks on foes through the murder holes
  • Ardun Observatory consists of 7 modules for easy construction and rearrangement
  • Flame Drake is fully poseable, with 25 points of articulation including folding wings and opening jaws
  • Flame Drake features flexible cloth membranes on its wings, fiery red scales, and detachable flame breath
  • Assault the Observatory with a working catapult, siege ladder, and battering ram
  • Also includes a spring-loaded Spell Launcher disguised as a rock
  • Weapons and accessories include Rothut’s staff, Nynia’s staff, Vorash’s Darkfyre axe, the Legendary Staff, the Legendary Shield, a longbow, an axe, 3 broadswords, 2 spears, 3 Faerie blades, 2 pikes, 4 shields, and a chest of gold
  • Flame Drake measures more than 8” (20cm) long, with a wingspan of over 13” (34cm)
  • Ardun Observatory measure more than 21” (55cm) wide, 15” (37cm) deep, and 8” (22cm) tall