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Fyaska Hoarfrost Dragon

In building Fyaska (originally a prize I intended to give away), my design goal was to use colors and parts I didn't expect to need for forthcoming Dragon Lands creations.

White bricks photograph poorly on a white "product" backdrop, so I generally don't use them; I knew I wouldn't miss them. Light aqua, sand blue, and lavender were colors I had very few bricks in—and which are consequently difficult to use on "set" designs—so I also deemed what little I had in these hues dispensable for a prize.

It was a fun challenge to utilize my parts in these rarer colors, and also to avoid black as much as possible in creating this icy creature.

I'm very proud of how the head came out on this dragon, especially since I was able to implement all three of my rare secondary colors. It's hard to see in this picture, but the round tile on Fyaska's head adds a splash of light aqua to her snout.

  • Fyaska has 34 points of articulation, which is a few more than normal for one of my standard-size dragons
  • I aspired to a higher level of detail on Fyaska than on a normal dragon because I wasn't inhibited by the constraints of part count
  • Fyaska's companion: an unnamed arctic wizard. Notice how his staff stows nicely on the dragon's leg. The lantern on Fyaska's back is for visibility on cold winter nights
  • See Fyaska at a larger scale by viewing her in bust form