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Skrulk the Unkind

Meet Skrulk, an imposing fire dragon!

From the start, I decided that I'd only be able to make a bust of a dragon at this size. This was because of two factors: one, my limited parts, and two, stability/structural integrity concerns... It would have been a very different engineering challenge to build a full-size dragon. It's something I might do in future, but it'll certainly take more planning!

Skrulk's red color scheme was an intuitive choice: it's a very draconic hue, of course, but I also have a variety of useful SNOT elements in red. The burnt orange underbelly and purple inner mouth complemented the red, so those were colors I opted to use, too (although, originally, Skrulk's tongue was green). A simple grey base seemed the best choice to display this bust without upstaging the dragon head, but I also considered a wooden shield and even a mound of treasure as other base options.

Having a poseable dragon was important to me, because it's a more fun display piece. I consistently played with balancing flexibility in Skrulk's neck with bulk and covering over vertebral joints.

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