Figs from Far-Away Lands

I made the first of these LEGO Minifigure collections (affectionately known as “figbarfs” among the fan community) out of characters I’d designed for a fifth wave of my "product line” Dragon Lands. Based on the nice response I got from the first collection, I have designed two others to complement it. Let’s learn a little more about these 21 characters…


From left to right, these are our characters:

Gnarku, a mischievous goldsmith. Gnarku regularly steals precious metals from work, but his unmatched craftsmanship helps him keep his job.

Orion, a plot-armored dragon rider. Don’t get in the way of this guy’s Quest, since it rolls forward like a freight train no matter what!

Wotoq, a temperamental Elemental. Wotoq serves as Guardian of the Ice Crystal, and he’s fiercely proud of his impressive beard.

Nynia, a potent faerie wizard. Yes, her hair is naturally that color and yes, she’d prefer that you stop asking. She’s got more important stuff to do.

Moscha, a sinister venommancer. Moscha is the more “toxic” of a sibling pair; she’s always scheming to poison her warlock brother Mogrot.

Eliake, a displaced ocean nymph. Due to man-and-orc-induced climate change, Eliake’s homesea has become uninhabitable to him.

Fifrir, a clever war engineer. Like Gnarku (but without the stealing), Fifrir is prized for his unique gifts as an inventor.


From left to right, these are our characters:

Awari, an enthusiastic apprentice. She only got that staff earlier this week, so be careful— she’s not good at using it yet.

Bramblebark, a thorny spirit. Would tell you dang kids to get off his lawn, but his “lawn” is all of nature!

Oussa, a magnificent queen. A strong and wise ruler, Oussa is best known for incorporating the Five Principalities into one realm.

Horpo, a self-serious owl trainer. Will tell you his work is more important than Queen Oussa’s.

Kalec, a silent headhunter. “…”

"Wind-up Willy," a clockwork soldier. One of a batch of a hundred such soldiers, Willy stands out from his peers by routinely malfunctioning.

Lev, a good-hearted baker. Believes that bread is the secret to peace between species. So far, he hasn’t been proven wrong.


From left to right, these are our characters:

Sam Flot, a snappy scavenger. Snappy, in this case, applies to both Sam’s wit and his huge jaws.

Vorash, a militant prince. He maintains leadership of the ustokal tribes by beating challengers in mortal combat, and has the scars to prove it.

Aia, a short-fused archer. Don’t believe she can hit a fly in midair? She’ll pull her bow on you faster than you can say “shoo.”

Serserild, a foreign diplomat. She really feels like a fish out of water up here, so be nice!

Qotow, an icy guardian. This is Wotoq’s child, tasked with inheriting his sacred position and more-sacred beard.

Iero, a vengeful duelist. He bears no similarities to a character from any other intellectual property.

Thuin, a shady assassin. You’re not likely to see his face… unless it’s the last thing you ever see.

Thanks for reading! If you have any other questions  or comments about the model, feel free to leave them in the comments below.